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Skin Care

We love Natural and Organic!

Australian Bush Medicine -----ROHR REMEDY
Deep cleaning and hydration facial 

60mins / $89

Get Wise, go natural, find beauty...

Made using natural Australian ingredients.

For sensetive and dry skin.

A natural source of Hyaluronic Acid , keep skin moisture and smooths fine lines. Completes powerful anti-ageing formula.

Rich Vitamin C and Vitamin E help antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Slow ageing of skin due to Sun exposure.

Professional Massage Therapist – Mount Waverley

Repairing and Recovery Facials

Dermaviduals products are FREE from

Fragrances                       Preservatives and Parabens

Emulsifiers                       Colours and Mineral oils

Silicones                           Amines


When the skin's barrier is disrupted,the skin is not protected from environmental stress and pullution such that it loses its ability to protect and defend itself.

If perfumes,emulsifiers and mineral oils are added to skincare products, the skin can quickly become compromised.

Trans-epidermal water loss is increased when the skin's barrier is compromised leading to impaired enzyme activity( Dehydration).


Dermaviduals  Deep Hydration Treatment 


A customized service only for your skin type.


Dehydration and Sensetive skin

Sun damaged skin 

Sensetive and allergic skin

After laser 

Daily Care 

Dermaviduals acne treatment 


Acne is classified into four grades according to severity. Specific criteria are used to classify acne symptoms,including

Types of none-inflamed comedones present

Types of inflamed comedones present

Amount of breakout activity

Amount of  inflammation

Areas of body affected by acne

The acne treatment: We clean the pores and use customized acne serum for anti-inflammation, soothing and calming the skin.

Dermaviduals Anti-Ageing Treatment 


Repairing the integrity of the epidermis.

Working for

Fine Lines

Tighting the Skin

Lifting and Recovery.

Professional Massage Therapist – Mount Waverley

Carboderm CO2 Needleless Therapy

60mins / $149

Carboderm is an innovative skin care system which allow you to enjoy the benefits Carboxy therapy without needles. It produces CO2 through combining gel and the sheet, and transfers it to the skin cells through the gel layer. 

Working for:






Stretch Marks


Does not use  needle and machinery

No injection of any type required

No recovery period required

Can wear make up after the treatment

No side-effects

Professional Massage Therapist – Mount Waverley


  • Face Scraping - 10mins/$49
  • Face Moxibustion / Moxa / Ai Jiu - 20mins/$39
  • LED Light Therapy --20mins/$49